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In addition to our field programmes in Madagascar and Belize, we regularly share our learning at international conferences and we’re supporting various partners to adopt our conservation models in other tropical developing coastal regions.

Beach holiday…?

By Chris Webb. Before I delve into the ongoings of week 4 I feel it's appropriate to summarise the first half of Expedition 7...

/ Jul 5, 2010

just like on National Geographic and Finding Nemo!

By Liesbeth Van de Moortel. We saw some amazing things, a sleeping turtle, nocturnal fishes, polycheates and even some copepods were passing the light of your torch. The top act (for me at least) was the...

/ Jun 16, 2010

Nature’s little surprises

by Rhonwyn Wilkinson. One of the really exciting things about diving is that you never know what you will see when you drop beneath the surface.

/ May 18, 2010

Totally amazing first week

Totally amazing first week that has flown by because we have not stoppped learning new things-from diving skills and knowledge to identifying fish, corals and other benthic organisms. That’s not to say all our experiences have been of the studious...

/ May 17, 2010

Blue Ventures Malaysia, an exciting first year!

By Katie Yewdall. 2009 saw the first year of Blue Ventures Malaysia (BVM). The first volunteers showed up on the 17th of April to be greeted by an excited BVM team....

/ Feb 17, 2010

A day in Mukut

by Jane Westermann. Mukut certainly has an air of civic pride. Apart from the sparklingly pristine rivers, we also enjoyed wandering through the village admiring the flowering hedges surrounding villagers’ properties...

/ Jan 29, 2010

El Squid Tango

by Núria Forns Willem, Jane, Roger and I have been in Tioman for 20 days now. As we’ve been regularly doing since we got here, this morning we got on the bum boat and headed out for a couple of...

/ Oct 22, 2009

Notes from the Island

by Roger Vaughan I got here to Tioman Island, just off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, about a week ago.  My routine goes like this: up at 7am, swim in the warm clear water, 8am breakfast in the restaurant next...

/ Oct 21, 2009

Do you wear shorts on your head?

By Tomas Essl. After the torture of the jungle trek at Juara first of all the entire team had to relax again. For that Friday a BBQ and a hat party were scheduled.

/ Aug 13, 2009

Welcome to the Tioman jungle!

By Sabine Our 3rd week of the expedition was very exciting and we got to explore a bit more of Tioman island

/ Aug 3, 2009

Underwater greetings

By Stefanie Menashe. The first evening we sat around in the restaurant hoping for the best; firstly that the food was edible and secondly that the group would be ok. We soon found out how lucky we were; the food...

/ Jul 22, 2009

Diving in the dark

By Kate Rowbury After a rather long overnight trip from Kuala Lumpur to Mersing, involving an entirely unsuccessful attempt at getting some sleep on the beach I made it onto the ferry across to Tioman and arrived on the island...

/ Jul 22, 2009

Tioman redundancy retreat

By Jamie Hunt Having been made redundant after 12 years working for a certain UK bank, I was determined to have an experience with my enforced time off that would allow me to clear my head and move on into...

/ Jul 10, 2009

Selamat petang!

By Elise Schultheis I can’t believe it’s already my last day on the island! Four weeks on Tioman have gone by so fast! There’s no way I’ll be able to sum up all of the unforgettable adventures I’ve had in...

/ Jun 29, 2009

Blue Ventures Malaysia reef clean up program

Blue Ventures Malaysia reef clean up program mentioned on greenfin marine park website

/ Jun 23, 2009