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In addition to our field programmes in Madagascar and Belize, we regularly share our learning at international conferences and we’re supporting various partners to adopt our conservation models in other tropical developing coastal regions.

Learning the ropes

By Jim McNish And then the rain came. Out here you can really feel the power of raw nature and as we sat eating dinner in the thatched dining area. It felt as though a fire hose had been opened...

/ Mar 18, 2009

Watching the Oscars with a Fijian chief

by Jim McNish Monday was the big day – we were off to meet Ratu Apenisa, the gentleman most likely to  succeed as the next High Chief of all the islands. Everyone met for breakfast dressed in their finery. The...

/ Feb 27, 2009

Leleuvia, our new island home

by Jim McNish It is very difficult to describe the beauty of the island of Leleuvia as we approached. The water around it is fifty shades of blue, a fringe of white sand gives way to palms and fruit trees...

/ Feb 27, 2009

Nadi to Leleuvia – our first days in Fiji

by Jim McNish A pod of spinner dolphins burst through the gin-clear water and as they leapt in front of the boat my heart leapt with them. It was our first full day on Leleuvia and there were eight volunteers...

/ Feb 27, 2009