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In addition to our field programmes in Madagascar and Belize, we regularly share our learning at international conferences and we’re supporting various partners to adopt our conservation models in other tropical developing coastal regions.

Malaysia research blog April-May 2009

Phew, expedition number one in the can, done, completed. It’s been a tough few weeks and jam packed with activities, research and outreach programs but it has flown by. It seems just yesterday that 8 sweating, pale but smiling volunteers...

/ Jun 23, 2009

Fish, football and floundering.

By Liz Griffiths Our fourth week started with proper science training dives. Learning how to identify the different types of corals was one thing; next we had to learn how to collect the data from the seabed.

/ Jun 16, 2009

Fiji scholars blog: Saras Sharmas first days with Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures are operating a scholarship programme to run in tandem with our Fiji expeditions. Here is the account of the first few days on site by Saras Sharma, a junior fisheries officer at the Fijiian department of fisheries and...

/ Jun 10, 2009

Helen’s first few months in Fiji

Helen McGrath, dive instructor out on Leleuvia gives her account of the first few months of the our Fiji expeditions.

/ Jun 2, 2009

Blue Ventures Malaysia take part in reef clean up

This weekend the Blue Ventures Malaysia (BVM) team, along with 4 university students from Kuala Lumpur, have been taking part in a reef clean-up event organised by the Department of Marine Park Malaysia (DMPM). One of the main aims of...

/ May 20, 2009

When you’re bringing your work to the dinner table…

Island life changes you. Slowly and gradually Swiss cottages and the expedition becomes your normal life.

/ May 20, 2009

Space and time: The Leleuvia hypothesis.

By Leah and Duncan. You may be wondering why this blog for a six week expedition is being posted during the fifth week..... Well the thing is, Leleuvia is what we like to call a worm hole...

/ May 8, 2009

Kicking off the Qio club

By Katie. Today we headed over to Uluibau Primary school on Moturiki to start up a conservation club for the kiddos...

/ May 8, 2009

Researchers, Rocky and Riverdance…

By Muriel and Asa. Team building takes on a new meaning.... It has only been about one week since Expedition Two got together so it was pretty important to have an intense bonding experience over our first Saturday night together...

/ May 8, 2009

First impressions of Tioman

By Emma Mason. After three jam packed days in KL, a four and a half hour bus journey with a crazy driver and a late ferry, we arrived on Tioman. I loved it immediately. The small island chilled out way...

/ May 8, 2009

The sea slug ball

When it is dark it is very, very dark, like being stuck in a sack in a coal cellar, while wearing sunglasses. Here I am again, Sunday morning, trying to piece together the remnants of memories of last night’s “Dress...

/ Mar 18, 2009

Learning the ropes

By Jim McNish And then the rain came. Out here you can really feel the power of raw nature and as we sat eating dinner in the thatched dining area. It felt as though a fire hose had been opened...

/ Mar 18, 2009

Watching the Oscars with a Fijian chief

by Jim McNish Monday was the big day – we were off to meet Ratu Apenisa, the gentleman most likely to  succeed as the next High Chief of all the islands. Everyone met for breakfast dressed in their finery. The...

/ Feb 27, 2009

Leleuvia, our new island home

by Jim McNish It is very difficult to describe the beauty of the island of Leleuvia as we approached. The water around it is fifty shades of blue, a fringe of white sand gives way to palms and fruit trees...

/ Feb 27, 2009

Nadi to Leleuvia – our first days in Fiji

by Jim McNish A pod of spinner dolphins burst through the gin-clear water and as they leapt in front of the boat my heart leapt with them. It was our first full day on Leleuvia and there were eight volunteers...

/ Feb 27, 2009