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Michael Osborne volunteered with Blue Ventures in Belize in November 2015. You can read lots more about his experience - from hitting the books...

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I’m in Timor-Leste to collect images and video of our new base and to help get Greg up to speed with all things Blue Ventures. He’s only been in his new role for 2 weeks and is already up to his ears in organising the impressive list of logistics required to get a new expedition base up and running.

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As outlined in the Mesoamerican Reef Lionfish Strategy, lionfish control must be addressed differently in areas accessible to fishers, No Take Zones and the deep sea. Although the latter is a bit out of our depth (pun intended), we are currently partnering with the Belize Fisheries Department to develop the national strategy for lionfish control in areas accessible to fishers and within No Take Zones.

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After these three exciting days, we hit the road back up to Maintirano, determined and confident, with new friends from all over this Big Island, as well as Comoros and our colleagues in London, and with a profound shared feeling that binds us all to our vision: to rebuild tropical fisheries with the coastal communities that depend on them.

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The livelihoods and cultural identity of Vezo people in southwest Madagascar are intimately intertwined with the marine environment. Vezo livelihoods, however, are increasingly threatened...

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“Miarakara zaho (I take care of things). I can afford to buy clothes and food now,” she says, while kneeling next to her thatched home, just steps from the sand’s damp high tide mark on Nosy Tsolike’s beach. From her home, she can see her seaweed buoys, recycled Coca-Cola and Eau Vive (Madagascar’s ubiquitous bottled water brand) dancing in the swell.

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Some people write songs about their cherie (dear) to express their love. We write our songs to express our love for the lomotse. That’s what moves us.

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Two years ago, Clarisse and Ringo packed up their family of nine and moved from Bevohitse in the south of Velondriake to Ambolimoke in the north.

They were following the fish.

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As he talks, Soanatao draws shapes in the bleached Nosy Tsolike sand with a piece of splintered wood he found in the same spot. He doodles, like one does on a piece of scrap paper while chatting to a friend on the phone.

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In the early hours of a crisp morning in Toliara, two Malagasy marine science students, Andry Razakandrainy Andriamanjato and Max Lahitsiresy Gasimandova, eagerly wait to hop into a car full of international volunteers destined for their new home in Andavadoaka for the next 6 weeks